The annual meeting of the Inscription Canyon Water Company was held March 25th, 2024 at the Hilton Garden Inn, downtown Prescott.

The minutes of that meeting may be found here: Inscription Canyon Water Company 2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

The presentation given at the meeting by the board of directors is included here: Inscription-Canyon-Water-Company-Annual Meeting March 2024

Further line-item budgets will follow.

Thanks to all of those who participated

Your ICWC Board of Directors

















Inscription Canyon Water Company was formed in October of 2020. It came about as a successor to the Inscription Canyon Water Users Association, which was originally formed as a non-profit water company in 1995. This re-incorporation was performed to eliminate a legacy legal linkage between the ICRWUA and an HOA from one of the original developments in our community. 

At the time of formation of the original non-profit utility, the company served a territory including the Inscription Canyon Subdivision, under authority of and regulation by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The water company is owned by members within the subdivisions it serves. It presently is governed by a five-member board of directors elected by the members. The board members are volunteers, elected for a two-year term. Day to day management, (including billing and accounting) and water systems operations are provided under contract agreements. The Association has no employees. Read more >>

Board of Directors

President: Mark Armstrong
Vice President of Operations: Dan Cancelleri
Secretary: Randy Joly
Treasurer: Giles Howard

Director: Vacant

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