Member Update – October 2020

ACC Commissioners approve the transfer of ICRWUA assets to ICWC

The Public hearing before the ACC commissioners occurred as planned at the end of September. The commissioners reviewed the opinion of administrative judge Marc Stern, as well as the reports filed by the ACC staff attorney and their researchers.

The commission voted 5-0 in favor of allowing the transaction to occur. The decision and the accompanying order were recorded on October 2nd. The written decision and order may be viewed at this link:

There are now a series of legal and administrative transfers, assignments and filings/recordings that will be made over the next several weeks to facilitate the closing of the transaction. The timelines for many of these are in the commission’s order. This completion of this process will put us in a much more secure position with regards to liability, and allow us to proceed ahead as an organization with up to date and consolidated corporate documents and centralized, organized, files.

It is the board’s intention to have this all completed this month, and so the invoice that all members and customers will receive the last week of October will be from Inscription Canyon Water Company. Inscription Canyon Water Company will have no legal connection to the Inscription Canyon Ranch lot 1-180 ARC. Note that all rates and billing practices will remain identical for the time being, as will the contract personnel operating the delivery systems and the back office.

In the coming weeks discussions can now commence regarding what, if anything, will be done with the ICRWUA entity. The ICRWUA Board of directors have offered to modify the Articles of that company after the transaction closes, and legally change the name to allow the Inscription Canyon Lots 1-180 ARC to use it as a basis of re-constituting that organization. This decision will need to be made by the members that own a lot in that lot group. If there is insufficient interest in re-constituting, operating and funding the ARC by those residents, the ICRWUA entity will be legally shut down. 

As you are aware, there will be an election this December for two positions on the ICWC Board of Directors. Bob Hilb’s term is up, and there is a vacant position.

The timeline will be as follows:

  • Nomination forms will be contained in the November Invoice, and also available on the website.
  • Nominations will be due by Dec 4th
  • Ballots with Bio information will be mailed Dec 21st
  • Ballots must be received by close of business on Jan 15th
  • Counting and Results announcement will occur on Jan 22
  • First meeting of the new board will occur shortly thereafter

As the county and state are still regulating group meetings and performing all of their business remotely, we will continue to update membership on this website on a regular basis (or in the billing mailing, if appropriate), as we navigate this important change. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact the board through email and we will provide timely answers.

Thank you,

Your board of Directors



Inscription Canyon Water Company was formed in October of 2020. It came about as a successor to the Inscription Canyon Water Users Association, which was originally formed as a non-profit water company in 1995. This re-incorporation was performed to eliminate a legacy legal linkage between the ICRWUA and an HOA from one of the original developments in our community. 

At the time of formation of the original non-profit utility, the company served a territory including the Inscription Canyon Subdivision, under authority of and regulation by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The water company is owned by members within the subdivisions it serves. It presently is governed by a five-member board of directors elected by the members. The board members are volunteers, elected for a two-year term. Day to day management, (including billing and accounting) and water systems operations are provided under contract agreements. The Association has no employees. Read more >>

Board of Directors

President: Bob Hilb
Vice President of Operations: Mark Armstrong
Director: Vacant
Secretary: Randy Joly
Treasurer: Giles Howard

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